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Prices of entertainment club Den Helder

From 1 September

  • Soft drinks and low-alcohol beverages: € 5,50
  • Strong alcoholic beverages are available from € 7,50
  • Want to treat a lady a drink, we also serve delicious cocktails from € 20,00
  • A piccolo is a pleasant surprise and costs € 35,00
  • To make your stay complete a bottle of champagne is a good idea, the cost of a bottle of amounts from € 150,00 and a bottle of Moët € 250,00
  • A room with washing facilities for half an hour costs € 100,00
  • Rooms with washing facilities for a whole hour costs € 150,00
  • We also have rooms with a sauna and jacuzzi for an optimal experience, for this we only ask € 195.00
  • Sometimes there is also a possibility for an escort for € 170.00 in Den Helder

Code of conduct for prostitution visits

As a client of a prostitute you stick to a number of codes of conduct.
Call it the 10 Golden Rules!
  • Use a condom!
  • Make good agreements
  • Respect the boundaries of the prostitute
  • Pay what is asked, do not finish it
  • Do not play the prostitutes among themselves
  • Be fresh and respectful
  • Do not drink too much alcohol
  • Be relaxed
  • Consider disappointments
  • Do not cause any inconvenience to the environment
  • Report abuses always:

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