Massage service Den Helder

The Rosegarden Club in Den Helder does not only meet erotic and sexual desires and needs of its guests, we are also specialized in performing non-erotic massage. Massage is the technique of applying pressure to parts of the body, which improves the well-being of the treated person positively. The Rosegarden Club in Den Helder has the professional knowledge to provide an effective massage for her guests, with an emphasis on achieving relaxation.

Come and rest mentally and physically

Because many consider massage also as a pleasant time use, provided it is done by an experienced and skilled masseur. During our massage we ensure that the room in which we do this is pleasantly warm, the masseur takes care of warm hands and uses warm massage oil, thus providing optimum well-being to the treated person. Besides the nice physical experience a good massage also provides spiritual ‘warmth’, meaning that the guest has a very pleasant experience and thus feels a sense of love. In that sense, therefore it’s possible to speak of a kind of erotic massage, although there are no actual sexual acts involved during massage at club The Rosegarden in Den Helder.

Relaxing massage

Besides the pleasure of a relaxing massage it is also effective in treating all kinds of physical symptoms, muscles can be treated to make them looser, in this hectic society, many people suffer from a small or large amount of stress, a well-executed massage by club The Rosegarden not only can give a sense of mental relaxation, but can in practice also lead to the treated person feeling an experience of the relieve of tension in the muscles. Physical and mental well-being are the keywords for massages performed by the Rosegarden. We advise our clients to combine a visit to the club with a nice massage, but of course you can also make an appointment for a massage only. Because of the low threshold character which club The Rosegarden offers its guests from Den Helder and surrounding areas, many customers achieve in overcoming their unwarranted embarrassment, and we can now count them among our regular customers. Taboos are there to be overcome, club The Rosegarden is trying to make a substantial contribution, by distinguishing itself from others in our industry through the use of clear communication with the guests about the many opportunities in the club. Our guests set their own limits, we respect that completely because we think that you as a guest or if you want customer will feel at home at club The Rosegarden because nothing is ever forced, directly or indirectly.

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