March 2023

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Prices of entertainment club Den Helder
From 1 September

  • Soft drinks and low-alcohol beverages: € 5,50
  • Strong alcoholic beverages are available from € 7,50
  • Want to treat a lady a drink, we also serve delicious cocktails from € 20,00
  • A piccolo is a pleasant surprise and costs € 35,00
  • To make your stay complete a bottle of champagne is a good idea, the cost of a bottle of amounts from € 150,00 and a bottle of Moët € 250,00
  • A room with washing facilities for half an hour costs € 100,00
  • Rooms with washing facilities for a whole hour costs € 150,00
  • We also have rooms with a sauna and jacuzzi for an optimal experience, for this we only ask € 195.00
  • Sometimes there is also a possibility for an escort for € 170.00 in Den Helder

Code of conduct for prostitution visits

As a client of a prostitute you stick to a number of codes of conduct.
Call it the 10 Golden Rules!
  • Use a condom!
  • Make good agreements
  • Respect the boundaries of the prostitute
  • Pay what is asked, do not finish it
  • Do not play the prostitutes among themselves
  • Be fresh and respectful
  • Do not drink too much alcohol
  • Be relaxed
  • Consider disappointments
  • Do not cause any inconvenience to the environment
  • Report abuses always:
If you want to know more, visit

About us

The Rose Garden is an attractive entertainment club in the heart of Den Helder. This very unique club invites you to come along and enjoy in a casual ambience of the warm and cozy atmosphere.


T: 0031(0)223-613216


Escort service

The Escort service of The Rose Garden is available on opening hours of the club.

You can book appointments during our opening hours 0031 (0) 223 - 613 216

The Rose Garden is in property of the necessary permits from the city of Den Helder.


Business Hours

Our business hours are:

Monday   Closed 
Tuesday   20:00   04:00
Wednesday   20:00   04:00
Thursday   20:00   04:00
Friday   20:00   04:00
Saterday   20:00   04:00
Sunday   Closed 

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